2012 Nissan GT-R Launch Control Video In Action



The 2009 GT-R debuted with what US citizens called “launch control”. The car basically revved to over 4,000 rpms and dropped the clutch. This caused massive wheel hop on certain surfaces causing transmissions to break.

In 2010 Nissan basically dropped launch control on the GT-R’s. They implemented a soft 2800-3000rpm launch that was not very effective. It made the car around 2 tenths faster in the 1/4 mile.

In 2011 Nissan raised the launch rpm a few hundred rpms but the GT-R still had not REAL launch control.


The 2012 GT-R has a full launch control function once again! The official numbers are 0-60 in 2.9 seconds with it activated. The new Launch Control or LC4 slips the clutches and uses engine timing retardation to help the car accelerate as quickly as possible hopefully without hurting the $20,000 transmission. From what we see in these videos, it looks amazing!

We can’t wait for a ride….

Here is a drag race between a 2011 GT-R with LC3 and the 2012 GT-R Using the new  Launch Control(aka LC4)
(Blue is 2012 GTR, Red is 2011 GTR)

Another Video of the 2012’s launch up close!