Jessi Lang from RoadFly TV is hot!

 Jessi Lang  (TV Broadcaster) is super cute. She has a nice face and a proportionate 100 pound 5 foot tall body. Her voice sounds just like Mira Sorvino from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.
She always wears great looking outfits and killer tight Jeans! The fact that she has a nice arm wrap tattoo means she isn’t afraid to play a bit either. NICE!

I hope she goes far! Check out her website here.

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  1. AJ293
    AJ293 says:

    Awesome, man! Great to see a chick whose not only hot, but also smart and knows her sh*t about cars!

  2. Leah and Fan
    Leah and Fan says:

    jessi lang is impressing the hell out of us here in china as well. BRAINS, beauty, and an excellent dancing partner.

  3. Jim
    Jim says:

    I’ve been watching her stuff for a while and Im all about her. A cool ass girl who loves ultimate fighting and fast cars. Unreal.

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    jobs in graphic design says:

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  5. Checho
    Checho says:

    I was looking for Honda CR-Z videos and i found a video from….with Jessi, after that i found the love of my life….i want Jessi in my life NOW!!!!!!

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